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Spumante Brut

In the Greek culture, being “Filòs” is to be a friend, to win a friendship. To partecipate in a “Filos” is to tell a story. To meet for a “filòs” is to celebrate together. “Filòs” by night, like fireworks in the sky in Venice. 

This is a pleasant Brut from Garganega grapes that are born on the volcanic rocks of Soave. 

Perfect wine to enjoy and celebrate with friends. 

La Cappuccina
Garganega 100%
La Cappuccina
750 ml
La Cappuccina
Serve at 8-10°C
Filòs - Spumante Brut


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  • Millésime Bio Challenge 2019 Bronze Medal

    BRONZE medal
    FILOS has been awarded with the BRONZE medal in the Millésime Bio Challenge 2019 in Montpellier, France.
    The Millésime Bio Challenge is the wine contest of Millésime Bio trade fair, with a worldwide range of more than 1400 wines in competition. The jury is presided by a leading figure in the wine business.

  • VITAE 2016 – 2 viti

    Straw yellow colour and vigorous perlage. 
    Sparkling and engaging with evidence of sweet almond, herbs eucalyptus and myrtle. 
    Then it opens with the fruit, green apple and pear skin. Fresh palate, just smooth. 
    Fine sparkling wine aged in an autoclave big tank for 5 months which makes it enjoyable. 
    Recommended in combination with Risotto with onion and sparkling wine.

  • The Washington Post June 18, 2014

    to drink it anytime La CAPPUCCINA Filòs

    Brut Don’t shy away from an Italian bubbly labeled “spumante”, because many are quite good, such as the La Cappuccina Filòs Brut from the Veneto region in the northeast Italy.

    La CAPPUCCINA Filòs Brut Made from garganega grapes, this is essentialy a sparkling soave, and it offers the classic flavors of pear and apple with the added to prosecco fans. ABV 11.5 percent. Delicious!

  • Wine Meridian, n. 4 , 9 aprile 2014

    La Cappuccina with “FILOS” conquers foreign markets.

    Being “Filòs” is being a friend. In the name a destiny that of the new sparkling wine of La Cappuccina di Monteforte, which has conquered foreign markets, with its elegant finesse. 100% Garganega produced in the vineyards cultivated following the organic philosophy.

    Aging capacity: 3 years.

    Color: straw yellow.

    Perlage: fine and persistent. Taste: fresh and mineral.

    by Fabio Piccoli – Wine Meridian, n. 4, 9 April 2014

  • The International Wine Review – Feb. 2013

    From The International Wine Review, Feb. 2013: 
    Growing grapes in Costalunga di Monteforte d’Alpone, the Tessari family is the organic pioneer of Soave.

    Their Spumante is one of the few to be imported to the US.

    La CAPPUCCINA Filòs Vino Spumante Brut

    This Garganega based Spumante has a refined appearance of yellow straw and a fine, abundant mousse. It shows light almond aromas and is full in the mouth with savoury and ripe fruit notes. A great alternative to Prosecco, and it pairs beautifully with burrata.

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