San Brizio 2019 Gold medal Soave 2021 Silver medal IWC

IWC 2022

New medals from the International Wine Challenge 2022:

- SOAVE 2021 Silver medal and 90 points;

- SAN BRIZIO 2019 Golden medal and 95 points. 

Organic Wine Awards 2022

Organic Wine Awards 2022

New medals for our organic wines from the Wine System Organic Wine Award International 2022 in Germany:

  • SOAVE 2021  gold medal 94 pts. 
  • BASALTIK 2021 gold medal 95 pts.
  • MADEGO 2019  silver medal 
  • Pinot Grigio 2021 silver medal 
Vinous by A. Galloni U.S., 22

Vinous by A. Galloni U.S., 2022

First and foremost, Soave has been making leaps and bounds towards a very bright. For lovers and collectors of the world's best white wines, it’s time to welcome Soave back to your cellars.

Campo Buri e San Brizio, the two twins La Cappuccina

Campo Buri e San Brizio, the two twins

Two twins: he, Campo Buri, with short trousers, white shirt and deep red vest, fine weave, with "V" neck, innate elegance. She, San Brizio, with a light yellow dress with white field flowers, who turns the wheel when she turns, and a nice pink bow in her honey-colored hair.

winter vineyard organic farming substainable LA CAPPUCCINA

Our sustainable mission

Nature is truly beautiful

 “Believes we’re all part of a community while at the same time being masters of our own fate. We can chose to be selfish or choose to be sustainable and respect the nature”. 

MillesimeBio 2022   gold medal Soave

MillesimeBio 2022

Our Soave 2020 has just been awarded a Gold medal by the Bio Millesime Challenge 2022, France. Merci.

See you at the next MillesimeBio fair from 28th February to 2th March in Montpellier!
🌟Hall B2 stand 334 🌟

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