Green manure a golden dress

Green manure a golden dress

The vineyard lawn is flowering! 
Here we are in the SAN BRIZIO vineyard!

The vineyard lawn is like a golden mantle waving lightly in the wind. 
It's about green manure! Have you ever wondered what it is?

3 Gold medal millesime bio 2023 la cappuccina

Four new Golden medals

So proud and honored to win three GOLD medals in France with three of our wines presented:

MONTE STELLE Soave doc cl vintage 2021
BASALTIK Sauvignon vintage 2021
SOAVE doc vintage 2021

at the Millesime Bio Challenge 2023, the international competition in Montpellier with only certified organic wines.

Piazzale dedicato a Nonno Attilio Tessari

A Square dedicated to Grandfather Attilio Tessari

Una vita tra Patria, passione civile, il proprio paese, la famiglia ed il lavoro.

Seasonal recipe – CAMPO BURI and “bollito”
Wine & food

Seasonal recipe – CAMPO BURI and “bollito”

It’s Winter and the tradition suggests to prepare “Bollito”, an assortment of boiled meats, with its sauces for Sunday lunch. Five cuts of meat: beef, chicken, tail, tongue and cotechino with very typical sauce “PEARA ‘, the “green” sauce, mustard apple senapate with candied citrus fruits and the” cren”, prepared with the root of horseradish.

La Cappuccina tra le Cantine Memorabili 22 golosaria milano masobrio

La Cappuccina among the "Cantine Memorabili"


La Cappuccina has been awarded among the 21 "Memorable Wineries" of Italy, one for each Italian region and we, of course, for Veneto, the venetian region.

We are proud of it but here is the jury's motivation:

"The tastings of the wines of this winery, for us, have defied time, reliving with memories of emotion.

Wines from memorable wineries ".


4 viti

ARZIMO Recioto di Soave docg 2018 has been awarded 4 "Viti", the top for the Wine guide 'Associazione Italiana Sommerlier.